"Hmm. How can I make this more about me?"

No One Cares About Your Stupid Twitter Account 
According to Pew Research Center, users of Twitter may update the site daily or several times per day, but only about a third of users actually check to see what other people have posted with a degree of regularity. 

"Using humor is extraordinarily effective."

6 Ways to Short Circuit a Temper Tantrum
Losing your temper at work makes you appear as professional as a three-year-old. Improve your anger management with these six questions and keep a cool head instead.

"The boss isn’t always right, but she’s still the boss."

20 Business Truisms That Can Change Your Life

Once in a great while, experience teaches us a lesson that can only be described as an axiom or a truism. It just is. Here are 20 that can help your career … or even change your life.

"At the end of the day a lot of business is personal."

The Hidden Cost of Creating an Impression

Trying to come off as confident, smart or extroverted, causes you to underestimate these traits in others, according to new psychological research.

"You say, “I left after 8 last night.”
You really mean, “I left at 6 last night but there were no witnesses.”"

Top 21 Workplace BS Lines

We often say one thing while meaning something completely different. Sometimes we even know we’re full of it. Why can’t we just be straight? Here’s why plus some of my favorite BS lines.

"Two drinks. Mingle. Be positive. Especially to the boss. And when your co-workers start to look attractive, it’s time to go."

10 Things Not to Do at a Work Party

It’s far easier to self-destruct or even lose your job by doing or saying something dumb at a work party than at any other time. It’s holiday party time so pay attentio

"If you think your busyness is some kind of prestige symbol, think again. Full attention is the new black."

Over-Stimulated and Under-Productive

Exit the inbox, turn off the screen and silence the ringer. Machines are robbing you of your ability to focus.

"Why do we really fly? To get from point A to point B AND NOT DIE."

Zagat Is Right. Southwest Is All We Look For In an Airline Now

Zagat raters get it right: Southwest is today’s dream airline, since we no longer believe in “‘friendly skies” or “fly me” promises. It’s exciting enough to get the basics done right. 

"The true measure of greatness is our capacity to navigate between our opposites with agility and grace — to accept ourselves exactly as we are, but never to stop trying to get better."

Redefining Greatness (It’s Complicated)

"When people have hope for the future they will have power in the present."

12 Ways to a Great Corporate Culture 

“You know where you are going but you have to communicate, share where you are going,” says Jill Blashack Strahan founder and CEO of Tastefully Simple in Alexandria, Minnesota. “When people have hope for the future they will have power in the present.” To share your vision, Strahan suggests you lay out your goals on a “dream map” that you post in public areas.